Open Hardware 2021

I want to compete on Xilinx Open Hardware 2021 with STEMlab 125-10 for free

Fill in the form below and we'll be in touch to provide more information

Please note that the offer is only available for competitors. This option is only available for non-commercial use.

We will cover the shipping charges when sending the product, and you will need to cover the return costs. 

If you, later on, decide to purchase the product, we will provide a special discount and if you get into the finals, we will gift you the Red Pitaya board FOR FREE. That's our way of supporting you in this competition.

You will receive the STEMlab 125-10 starter kit and we will also provide you with all the technical support needed.

Why join Xilinx Open Hardware competition?

1. To showcase your technical and creative skills with Xilinx technology

2. To compete against excellent teams from across Europe 

3. Gain potential funding for hardware equipment