Why join the Xilinx Open Hardware competition?

  • To showcase your technical and creative skills with Xilinx technology
  • To compete against excellent teams from across Europe
  • Gain potential funding for hardware equipment

Why use Red Pitaya?

Red Pitaya’s products are excellent tools for learning the basics of electronics and FPGA programming, as well as for advanced engineering projects.

  • The board is powered by Xilinx Zynq 7010 (see all the specifications here)
  • Our extensive teaching materials make it easy to get started.
  • Did we mention that you can get the board for free?

Need some inspiration? Check out the amazing projects others have made using our products and take a look at our blog


We are delighted to highlight a project that students from Universidad de Zaragoza have submitted to the Xilinx, Inc. Open Hardware Design Competition 2021 using the Red Pitaya STEMLab 125-10 board as the targeted platform to run the hardware design.

Watch the brief overview of their project "FPGA implementation of BCIs using QCNNs" and read more fort he full project description.

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Take also a look at a project that a student from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca has submitted to the Xilinx, Inc. Open Hardware Design Competition 2022 using the Red Pitaya STEMLab 125-10 board.

Watch the brief overview of the project "Red Pitaya-based low-cost SDR platform" where a large-bandwidth low-cost SDR architecture is based on the Red Pitaya board. The components of this architecture are chosen so that the bottleneck in the transmit/receive chain will be the board.

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  • Please note that the offer is only available for competitors from Europe and North America enrolled in university. This option is only available for non-commercial use.
  • We will cover the shipping charges when sending the product, and if you do not finish your project and provide proof, you will need to cover the return costsPlease keep in mind, that you also need to cover any import fees and taxes. 
  • You will receive the STEMlab 125-10 starter kit and we will also provide you with any technical support needed.
  • The deadline for applying is 30 February 2023.